Iris Yuvelir presents her musical offering “Alchemy of Souls.”

This track is not just a song; it is a poetic expedition into the echoes of a half-forgotten dream, wrapped in the sounds of unbridled passion. A story laced with longing and gilded with the opulence of an irretrievable dream.

The composer not only reaches into the depths of emotions rather conjures a melody that binds the spectral with the tangible.

Each verse delves deeper and deeper into the profound mystery of connections that transcend the mundane.

The lyric “My name is falling from your lips like a magic incantation” sounds like a magic ritual, whereas “My name is falling from your lips like a prayer for salvation” is a fervent invocation drowning the listener into a trance.

The song features layers of intricate melodies and ethereal vocals. Iris’s voice – the siren’s call – “I let a spark turn into the roar of fire burning hearts to ashes”.

The senses explore the intricate dance of intimacy  “I let a drop turn into a wave, and let it drown my heart in feelings”.

And this is that inevitable transformation it brings upon the soul. “I would never walk away if I knew the price I pay for that would be steeper than my life”.

Alchemy is the song itself.

For those attuned to the nuances of musical artistry, “Alchemy of Souls” offers both a mirror and a portal—a reflection of the inner tempests of the soul and a gateway to unexplored emotional depths.

This piece captures the essence of a poignant era, timeless in its scope.

The song is to be celebrated as Iris’s most profound work.

The music industry is to embrace this cultural artifact, a song that promises to alter the very fabric of the musical landscape. Streaming platforms, radio, and cinema moguls are invited to partake in this transformative experience, to let “Alchemy of Souls” resonate across airwaves, enchanting listeners with its potent lyrical magic.

Critics and music lovers alike are called to immerse themselves in this journey, to surrender to the alchemy that Iris Yuvelir so masterfully encapsulates.

The industry anticipates not just a song but an epoch-defining anthem. “Alchemy of Souls” beckons to all who dare to dream, to those who cherish beauty in its most haunting forms, a song that would make Fitzgerald himself pause, pen in hand, caught in its lyrical reverie.

“Alchemy Of Souls, of Souls, Of Souls…” – the lyric resonates long after the final note fades.

We invite the music industry and its aficionados to witness the transformative power of Iris Yuvelir’s “Alchemy of Souls”.

Alchemy of Souls is available on all streaming platforms.

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