Have you ever been in a situation where you have dozens of layers of Choir Vocals but they don’t fit in the mix?

They sound fine. Everything is in tune, all the timing issues have been fixed and yet they sound out of place in your ultra-modern pop mix.  And you have already tried compressing it a bit more, eq-ing it a tad bit more drastically. Still, the lack the pop production polish is sonically noticeable, right? 

How can you add pop production polish to your Choir Stack without making it sound robot or plastic?

The answer is simple. You use MetaTune on every single instance of your Choir Vocals BUT …

Set up the MetaTune to affect the vocals in the gentle way possible.  The gentler the settings you’ll use the better or let’s say more natural sounding the result will be. 

What is a Good Starting Point?

Set up Speed somewhere below 20 ms and play with Sustain percentage to retain the natural pitch fluctuations on the sustained notes. Don’t forget to lower the Mix amount as well. 90 to 95 % seems to be a sweet spot. 

The sound 10 instances of MetaTune will add up in a vocal stack that sounds more band together,  concentrated and focused. All of a sudden, the choir stack sounds like a unified body of sound, polished and tidy. And this is exactly what we need for a pop mix. 


Remember, routing all the Choir takes to run through a single instance of MetaTune will not have the same effect as having individually calibrated MetaTune on each vocal track inside the vocal Stack.  


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