It was the end 2020 when I was writing ‘Is it yet Christmas’ – a festive yet a bit melancholic song sprinkled with hope for miracles.  At that time it seemed like the world has been turned upside down. It was a time when uncertainty and perplexity ruled our life. It seemed to me that the only solution to surviving in these turbulent times was to wait it out. Sooner or later it too shall pass and everything will be right in the world again.

And now the year 2021 has come to an end. I can’t say that nothing has changed since then. Obviously, the global fight against the pandemic is going with varying degrees of success and the novel virus will probably stay with us forever. Yet we the people have changed. We became far more rational, confidant and stronger than we were before. At least I know now, that the world is changing fast, and I need to change with it and that puts my future in my hands. 

So on Christmas Eve 2021, I wanted to revisit the theme of the song “Is it Yet Christmas” and express my perception of Christmas in the year 2021.

So I wrote an improvisation on “Is it Yet Christmas” the musical theme. When I finished it I realised it needs to be released in pair with the original “Is it Yet Christmas” song. This is how the Passion for Christmas sequel was born.

Then I thought that it would have been nice to make it onto a looped record in case people would like to listen to it on repeat. After all, you can always stop a track, but putting a track on a loop is more difficult.

So lo and behold the 4 hour looped sequel “Passion for Christmas”


I wish all my listeners a Happy Merry Christmas! May your wishes come true this Christmas Night.

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With love,

Iris Yuvelir

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