….same genre, same BPM, same rhythms, same chords progressions…. seems like your brain is stuck in a loop and keeps going through the same motions over and over.

To get out of it you need to break this loop out, here is how:

1. First of all try to switch up your routine approach to writing a song, I mean, if you used to start writing a song from the beat – now start with melody line; and vice versa. 

2. Secondly spend some time on learning a new genre of music. For instance, if you are a Latin Pop producer you may spend a week learning everything you can find about Funk. And what is of the key importance here – try writing a pure funk song, well, at least make an attempt to write a Funk song. Sounds too challenging, right? Yes, it does, moreover, it sounds thought-provoking. But you’ll be surprised with what your brain is capable of! 

3. And last but not least, listen to the music of completely different genres (as more as possible); the greater is the difference between your genre and the one you’re listening to the better. Feeding your brain with new musical information teaches your brain the nuances and tricks of a new genre thus widening up your creative perspectives. By following the recommendations above you’ll never get stuck in a “loop cage” again. Just have a try.


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